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Orfdoll Prospectus


Pharmaceutical Formulation: Injectable Suspension Lyophilizate

ORFDOLL vaccine is used against ecthyma disease that causes infection in mouth, lips, eyes and skin in sheep, goats, lambs and kids.

Sheep, goats, lambs and kids

COMPOSITION:Each dose of vaccine and solvent content is as follows:

Injectable Suspension Lyophilizate

Attenuated E (P) CK 22 strain103.5 DKID50/doseImmunizing antigen
Lactalbumin hydrolysate0,25 mg / dosePreservative
Sucrose0,50 mg / dose


Diluent for Parenteral Administration

Glycerol0,05 ml/doseDiluent
Water for injection0,05 ml/dose
Patent Blue V0,01 mg/dose

ORFDOLL vaccine is used against ecthyma disease that causes infection in mouth, lips, eyes and skin in sheep, goats, lambs and kids.

The vaccine is administered to lambs, kids, sheep and goats of all ages from 1 week old. The vaccine is administered to the bare skin as 0.5-1 cm long and 3-4 lines in regio inguinal (inner part of the back leg) by scratching it deep enough to pass the first layer of the skin, but without bleeding, and by applying 2 drops (0.1 ml) of the scratched skin and waiting for a few seconds. For this purpose, when using the vaccine, take 2 ml of the diluent with a sterile syringe and transfer it to the dry vaccine vial, shake it without foaming, and add it to the diluent by pulling it 2-3 times with the syringe. Then the individually packed dropper is passed into the dissolved vaccinated flask. The scratching process is done with the metal scratching apparatus inside the package.Since the immunization period of the vaccine is maximum 12 months, vaccination is recommended to be repeated at the same dose every year. The reconstituted vaccine should be used on the same day (within six hours).

The vaccine is stored at 2 / 8ºC and in the dark. Do not freeze. The diluent is stored at a temperature below 25 ° C. Its shelf life is 2 years.

Withdrawal period for animal origin products is 14 days.

The lyophilized vaccine is available in packages containing 50 doses, 100 doses and 200 doses in Type I glass vials and 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml diluent in Type II glass vials. The vials are packaged and sealed with a butyl stopper and an aluminum cap. Vials containing lyophilized vaccine and diluent are presented to the market in individual cardboard boxes, packaged together with the prospectus, dropper and apparatus for scarification. Not all forms of packaging may be placed on the market.

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