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Lyophilized Brucella melitensis Rev I Vaccine


Brudoll M Genç Prospectus



Pharmaceutical Formulation: Lyophilisate for Suspension for Injection

Sheep and Goats.

Composition: Each dose of vaccine (1 ml);

Attenuated Brucella melitensis Rev 1                              0,5-4 x 109 CFU/dose

Enzymatic digest of Proteins / Casein                      0,125 mg/dose

Sucrose                                                                     0,25 mg/dose

Sodium glutamate                                                     0,05 mg/dose

HEPES                                                                       0,01 mmol/dose

Administered for protection against brucellosis in sheep and goats of 4-6 months old.

The lyophilized vaccine is homogenized with 3-4 ml reconstitution solvent drawn into a sterile syringe, added to the reconstitution solvent with the same syringe, mixed well, and thus becomes ready for administration. This mixing process should be repeated throughout the vaccination process.

It is administered by subcutaneous injection of 1 ml to 4-6 months old male and female lambs, and kids into the hairless skin of the axilla. A separate needle should be used for each animal. It is not administrated to animals older than 6 months.

Stored refrigerated at +2/+8ºC and in the dark.

It is recommended that vaccinated animals are not slaughtered for 90 days.

25 doses of lyophilized vaccine with 25 ml solvent for reconstitution

50 doses of lyophilized vaccine with 50 ml solvent for reconstitution

100 doses of lyophilized vaccine with 100 ml solvent for reconstitution

200 doses of lyophilized vaccine with 200 ml solvent for reconstitution

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