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Dollvet Veteriner Aşıları

Fighting Against Neonatal Losses New Period: Dolli-Sera

  Neonatal calves, lambs and kids are born as weak against diseases. Placental structures of humans and ruminants are different anatomically. Barrier in ruminant placenta structure prevents antibody (immunoglobulin) passage from mother to fetus. Calf pneumonia is seen in the high risk period during which

Dollvet at VIV MEA 2020!

VIV MEA 2020 will meet its visitors with more than 400 companies from Europe, Middle East, Asia and the United States. Matters to be handled at VIV MEA 2020 include various titles, such as feed, feed compounds and additives, mixed feet milling equipment, feed milling,

Dollvet Hosted 100 Veterinarians In Its Factory

Dollvet Hosted 100 Veterinarians In Its Factory Dollvet introduced its new seven-unit hyperimmune serum to veterinarians with the launching meeting organized in Gaziantep. Within the program of the meeting, about 100 veterinarians visited facilities of Dollvet in Şanlıurfa and paid their tributes to the facility.