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GMP Certification for FMD Vaccine Production

Dollvet prouds to announce that we have received GMP certification for FMD Vaccine production.

The manufacturing site of Dollvet Biyoteknoloji has been inspected under the national inspection program in accordance with Art. 79 of Regulation On Veterinary Medicinal Products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Türkiye.
From the knowledge gained during inspection of Dollvet which was conducted on 16-20 January 2023, it is considered that Dollvet’s existing GMP Certification is extended for Inactivated viral production laboratory (BSL-3) is certified for FMD vaccine production.
Dollvet proudly informs our business partners that FMD vaccine production activities have already been initiated and our FMD vaccines will be in the market in the near future
The Trade name of our FMD vaccines are determined as AFTODOLL.