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Production at World Standards

Dollvet is a biotechnology center that continues its production activities in its facilities with an indoor area of 15,000 square meters in a campus of total 36,000 square meters.

Dollvet, which produces at world standards with its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, has one of the best facilities in the field of biotechnology accepted by international authorities.

Know Us Closely!

36.000-square meter production campus

One health for human, animal and environmental health

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) Certificate

The biotechnology center with an approved R&D certificate

Infrastructure and Competence

Dollvet has the ability to produce its biotechnology products at world standards in its GMP-certificated production campus.

Staff Wealth

Dollvet has qualified and experienced expert staff who are strategically important for the production of biotechnological products.


Dollvet has developed many qualified products with its R&D activities mostly conducted with its equities since its establishment.

Production at World Standards

in 36.000-sqm Campus!


Know Our Production Facility Closely