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Production Campus

Dollvet Veteriner Aşıları

World-Class Production Campus!

Dollvet production campus is located on a 36.000-sqm of land, 15.000 sqm of which is closed, and is committed to continuous improvement.

This world-class facility has been specifically designed to provide the working and storage conditions in line with the product requirements implemented in production areas. GMP parameters such as the clean area class, particle counts, temperature, humidity, pressure differences and air return rates required in critical areas, are provided by HVAC systems.

Water, HVAC systems and heating and cooling parameters are monitored by a SCADA system. In case of a deviation, changes can be digitally reset by an authorized user, and all entries and trends are saved.

Personnel entrances and exits are controlled by eye tracking and badge access systems in buildings, and all operational processes are monitored with CCTV systems.

The main units of the closed areas of the production campus are as follows:

  • Raw Material and Product Warehouses
  • Management and Administration Building
  • R&D Center
  • Heating Center and Technical Areas
  • Recreation Areas
  • Archive
  • Fungus Vaccines Production Lab
  • Quality Control Lab
  • Inactive Spore-Forming Bacterial Vaccines Production Lab
  • Bacterial Vaccines Production Lab
  • Parasitic Vaccines Production Lab
  • Live-Attenuated Vaccines Production Lab
  • Inactived Viral Vaccines Production Lab
  • Hyperimmune Serum Production Lab
  • Inactive Non-sporeBacterial Vaccines Production Lab
  • Livestock Unit
  • Experimental Animals Unit
  • Donor Animals Unit
  • Vial Filling & Formulation Unit
  • Lyophilised Vaccines Filling & Lyophilisation Unit
  • Liquid Waste Decontamination Unit