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Dollvet Veteriner Aşıları


Productions of biotechnology products have a strategical importance for all of independent world countries.

Factors such as global travel, trade, increase in populations and food consumption are the main causes of the spread of zoonotic diseases. Diseases transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonotic diseases. Half of the diseases that affect human health are zoonotic and 80% of these occur in low and middle-income countries.,

Fighting against zoonotic diseases creates an economic burden for countries and most of these zoonotic diseases can only be prevented with preventive vaccinations. Therefore, the protection of animals means the protection of people. With this awareness, Dollvet produces various vaccines with its expert staff in its facilities equipped with the latest technologies and continues its vaccine development studies. By reducing the risks of disease with the aim of Dollvet “One Health”; aims to protect human, animal and environmental health.

Nutrition is one of the most basic needs for humanity. For a healthy future, the concept of food safety is becoming more and more important every day.

Protecting animal health also means obtaining healthy, high quality and efficient animal products. Animal products have great importance in terms of sustainability of health.

Dollvet serves to reduce disease risks, protect animal health, deliver healthy food from farm to table, and make significant contributions to food safety with high-quality and reliable vaccines produced with high technology.

Dollvet is an organization that was established with domestic and national capital, makes continuous investments and researches with its existing equity resources, and has production facilities on a global scale.

Thanks to the domestic production, it produces the vaccines that Turkey needs, and in this context, it contributes to the country’s economy by reducing the dependence on foreign sources and with the export network it has, which Dollvet works devotedly to expand every day.

Dollvet produces new products with is own resources, yet sometimes it works together with national institutions and universities. Dollvet updates itself by following the latest in the science from past to present, with the aim of achieving the best. Dollvet set out from Turkey to become a world-wide brand and has adopted the principle of producing in the light of science.