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Dollvet – World-Class Production!

Dollvet is a biotechnology center, operating in its production campus of 36.000 sqm in total, and 15.000 sqm of closed area.

With its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, Dollvet has not only world-class production activities, but also one of the best facilities in the field of biotechnology, acknowledged by international authorities.

Know Us Closely!

36.000 sqm production campus

One Health for humans, animals and the environment

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

A certified R&D biotechnology center

Infrastructure and Qualification

Dollvet has the required qualification to produce world-class biotechnology products in its GMP-certified production campus.

Strong Workforce Structure

Dollvet has a qualified and experienced workforce which is of strategical importance for the production of biotechnology products.


Dollvet is a biotechnology center with an R&D certificate approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

World-Class Production in 36.000 sqm Campus!


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