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About Us

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Biotechnology from Türkiye to the World

With its head office in Istanbul and production site in Şanlıurfa, Dollvet is a biotechnology center carrying out its production activities in a GMP-certified campus of 36.000 square meters.

Robust Technical Infrastructure and Expert Staff

Dollvet has been focusing on the importance of technical infrastructure, equipment, workforce productivity and human resources since its establishment in 2002.

Dollvet has attached great importance to R&D since its very first day. With its R&D certificate on biotechnological products approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dollvet stands out for its world-class production, owing this capacity to its consistent

A Great Gain for Türkiye and Other Countries in the Region

Dollvet produces high-level vaccines against epidemic diseases present both in Türkiye and in the international arena with its modern infrastructure, wide expert staff and huge experience. Biotechnological product investments are of strategic importance for all independent states in the world.

“One Health” for Humans, Animals and the Environment!

We Keep on Producing in the Light of Science!

Dollvet has one of the best facilities in the world in the field of biotechnology, also acknowledged by international authorities. With its technical infrastructure and expert staff, Dollvet will continue to produce many biotechnology products in the field of human, animal and environmental health in the light of science.