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Eyüp Sabri Göncü – Chairman of the Board

Eyüp Sabri Göncü was born in Şanlıurfa in 1978. After completing primary and secondary education in Şanlıurfa, he studied engineering at Uludağ University. During his university years, he chaired various clubs and served as a student representative.

Continuing his postgraduate studies in the USA, Göncü graduated from Georgia Tech University. Getting his Master in Management degree from the University in Leicester in England afterwards, he returned to Turkey in 2004 and started his career.

Working for the growth of family companies operating in different fields, Göncü undertook the management of industrial group manufacturing operations, i.e. yarn manufacturing in textile industry, vaccine manufacturing in healthcare, and various others in the construction industry.

While creating many influential projects in all the areas he worked, he undersigned many firsts, especially in the fields of textiles, construction and biotechnology.

Between 2013 and 2016, he served as Chairman to Şanlıurfa Solidarity Association in Istanbul. In 2015, he bought all the shares of Dollvet Production Campus and directed all his investments to vaccine and biomaterials production.

Eyüp Sabri Göncü, married and with four children, produces vaccines and biomaterials in Dollvet which is acknowledged as one of the top 20 biotechnology plants in the world. Keeping in mind the importance of domestic and national production, and adding the domestic Covid-19 vaccine, Turkovac on top of this, Göncü is now moving ahead with the vision of making Dollvet the world’s leading biotechnology company.