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Aftodoll jel

PURIFIED INACTIVATED FMD VACCINE Aftodoll jel Pharmaceutical Formulation: Suspension for Injection Target Species Cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and camels. Composition The product composition/strains varies according to the regions. Please contact our export team for details. Indications AFTODOLL-jel vaccine is applied for protection against foot and mouth disease

Aftodoll oil

PURIFIED INACTIVATED FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE VACCINE Aftodoll oil Pharmaceutical Formulation: Emulsion for Injection Target Species Cattle, buffalos, sheep, goats, pigs and camels. Composition The product composition/strains varies according to the regions. Please contact our export team for details. Indications AFTODOLL-oil vaccine is administered for protection against foot-and-mouth disease


ANTISERUM FOR CALVES, LAMBS AND KIDS Dolli-Sera Prospectus DOLLI-SERA Pharmaceutical Formulation:Solution for Injection Target Species Calves, lambs and kids. Composition Components Quantity Strength Antibody titer against Salmonella Typhimurium strain 1/320 Immunizing antibody Antibody titer against Salmonella Dublin strain 1/320 Antibody titer against Pasteurella multocida Type


INACTIVATED BACTERIAL VACCINE AGAINST PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA AND MANNHEIMIA HAEMOLYTICA INFECTIONS Pastedoll Administered for protection of sheep, goats and cattle from infections caused by Pasteurella agents. Target Species Applied to sheep, goats and cattle and lamb kids and calves Composition COMPOSITION: Inactivated Pasteurella multocida antigen ≥


COMBINED ENTEROTOXEMIA, INFECTIOUS NECROTIC HEPATITIS AND BLACKLEG DISEASE VACCINE Tetrandoll Prospectus TETRANDOLL Pharmaceutical Form :Injectable Solution It is applied for protection in sheep and goats against Enterotoxemia and Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis, In Lambs and kids against Enterotoxemia, In cattle against Enterotoxemia and Blackleg Disease. Target


LYOPHILIZED BRUCELLA MELITENSIS REV I VACCINE Brudoll M Genç Prospectus BRUDOLL-M GENÇ Pharmaceutical Formulation: Lyophilisate for Suspension for Injection Target Species Sheep and Goats. Composition Composition: Each dose of vaccine (1 ml); Attenuated Brucella melitensis Rev 1                              0,5-4 x 109 CFU/dose Enzymatic digest of


BIVALENT ENTEROTOXEMIA VACCINE   Entdoll Prospectus ENTDOLL Pharmaceutical Formulation: Injectable Solutions Concentrated toxoid bivalent vaccine against Enterotoxemia of sheep, goats, lambs and kids Target Species Sheep, goats, lambs and kids. Composition The minimum values of rabbit blood serums inoculated with 1 dose of sheep Minimum


Inactivated Botulism Vaccine Botudoll Prospectus BOTUDOLL Pharmaceutical Formulation: Solution for Injection BOTUDOLL is used to protect cattle, sheep and goats against Botulism, caused by Cl. botulinum type C and Cl. botulinum type D. Target Species Sheep, goat, cattle Composition Ingredients Quantity Cl. botulinum type C


INACTIVE AGALACTIAE VACCINE Laxydoll Oil Prospectus LAXYDOLL - OIL Pharmaceutical Formulation: Injectable Emulsion It is used for protection of sheep and goats against contagious Agalactiae disease. Target Species Sheep and goats. Composition Mycoplasma agalactiae 99M-AIK2 Indications It is used for protection of sheep and goats


LYOPHILIZED SHEEP AND GOAT POX VACCINE Poxdoll Prospectus POXDOLL Pharmaceutical Form : Lyophilisate for suspension for injection Target Species Sheep, goat and cattle Composition Following minimum quantities are used in each dose. Ingredients Quantity Function Attenuated SPV (Bk) strain 102,5 TCID50/dose Immunizing antigen Lactalbumin hydrolysate