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LIVE, ATTEUNATED, LYOPHILIZED VACCINE AGAINST NODULAR EXANTHEMA (LUMPY SKIN) DISEASE IN CATTLE Lsd-Ndoll Prospectus LSD-NDOLL Pharmaceutical Formulation: Lyophilisate for Suspension for Injection Target Species Cattle. Composition LSD-NDOLL is a live, attenuated and lyophilized vaccine against nodular exanthema (Lumpy Skin) disease in cattle. Following minimum quantities


Inactivated Vaccine Against Rota, Corona and E.coli Infections in Cattle ROCODOLL Rocodoll Pharmaceutical Formulation: Suspension for Injection Target Species Cattle Indications It is an inactivated vaccine administered to pregnant cows and heifers for passive immunization in calves against neonatal diarrhea, caused by Escherichia coli, rotavirus


ANTISERUM FOR CALVES, LAMBS AND KIDS Dolli-Sera Prospectus DOLLI-SERA Pharmaceutical Formulation:Solution for Injection Target Species Calves, lambs and kids. Composition Components Quantity Strength Antibody titer against Salmonella Typhimurium strain 1/320 Immunizing antibody Antibody titer against Salmonella Dublin strain 1/320 Antibody titer against Pasteurella multocida Type


INACTIVATED VACCINE FOR THE PROTECTION AGAINST SUBCLINICAL AND CLINICAL MASTITIS Mastidoll-3 Prospectus MASTIDOLL-3 Pharmaceutical Formulation: Injectable Emulsion MASTİDOLL-3 is a bacterial, oil-adjuvanted, inactive mixed vaccine for use in cows and heifers to protect against subclinical and clinical mastitis infections caused by Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus


PASTEURELLA VACCINE Pastedoll-3 Administered for protection of sheep, goats and cattle from infections caused by Pasteurella agents. Target Species Applied to sheep, goats and cattle and lamb kids and calves Composition Composition: Following minimum quantities are used in each dose. Each vaccine dose (2 mL)


INACTIVE COMBINED CLOSTRIDIAL VACCINE Ultradoll-8 Prospectus ULTRADOLL-8 Pharmaceutical Formulation: Suspension for Injection Target Species Sheep/lamb, goat/kid, cattle/calf Composition Each vaccine dose (2 ml) consists of; Components Amount Clostridium perfringens β toxoid ≥10 IU/ml* Clostridium perfringens ε toxoid ≥5 IU/ml* Cl. novyi α toxoid ≥3,5 IU/ml**


COMBINED ENTEROTOXEMIA, INFECTIOUS NECROTIC HEPATITIS AND BLACKLEG DISEASE VACCINE Tetrandoll Prospectus TETRANDOLL Pharmaceutical Form :Injectable Solution It is applied for protection in sheep and goats against Enterotoxemia and Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis, In Lambs and kids against Enterotoxemia, In cattle against Enterotoxemia and Blackleg Disease. Target


Inactivated Botulism Vaccine Botudoll Prospectus BOTUDOLL Pharmaceutical Formulation: Solution for Injection BOTUDOLL is used to protect cattle, sheep and goats against Botulism, caused by Cl. botulinum type C and Cl. botulinum type D. Target Species Sheep, goat, cattle Composition Ingredients Quantity Cl. botulinum type C


LYOPHILIZED SHEEP AND GOAT POX VACCINE Poxdoll Prospectus POXDOLL Pharmaceutical Form : Lyophilisate for suspension for injection Target Species Sheep, goat and cattle Composition Following minimum quantities are used in each dose. Ingredients Quantity Function Attenuated SPV (Bk) strain 102,5 TCID50/dose Immunizing antigen Lactalbumin hydrolysate


THEILERIA ANNULATA VACCINE Tayledoll Prospectus TAYLEDOLL Pharmaceutical Form:Injectable Suspension TAYLEDOLL is an infected cell culture vaccine with live attenuated Theileria annulata schizont against Theileriosis disease in cattle. Target Species Cattle Composition Single dose of vaccine contains 1x107 lymphoid cells infected with viable attenuated Theileria annulata